Fanart: Typhoon class Battleship

 Fanart of the Typhoon class battleship featured in Cryptic Studios’ Star Trek Online.

I modeled this from the ground up to be a close match to the in-game appearance of the ship while adding additional details that are normally present on Federation ships seen in the shows. The model was built in Blender while the textures were made using GIMP.

The basic controls for the Sketchfab viewer are as follows:

- Press & hold the left mouse button to rotate the camera around the model.

- Press & hold the right mouse button to change the position of the camera.

- Use the mouse wheel to zoom.

- To focus the camera on a certain area simply double click that spot on the screen. Double clicking the background will reset the view.

More advanced options can be found in the toolbar in the bottom left.


Below you'll find renders of the model created with Blender's Cycles renderer. You can click most pictures for an enlarged version.

Further Renders

Addon for the Bridge Commander Remastered mod

Below you'll find two links to a mod that adds this ship as a playable vessel to Star Trek: Bridge Commander, a 2002 starship simulator. Beware However that this addon requires the Bridge Commander Remastered mod to function properly.

I would also advise to peruse the "Permissions and credits" tab on the linked sites, so that you know what you are, and are not allowed to do with the files.